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Skyblock Map #1 - Saturday, November 12th @ 3 PM EST!

Skyblock Map #1 - Saturday, November 12th @ 3 PM EST!

Hello, everyone! We are heading into the holiday season with a new map of Skyblock! In this map, we are focused on fixing the gameplay mechanics and introducing new PvE content for you to enjoy. We've heard many complaints about our old auto-clicker-focused economy, and we are proud to finally be fixing this.

Although the changelog this map is leaner feature-wise, the focus of this reset is keeping what makes Skyblock great while improving the mistakes we have made with previous maps. The changes we're introducing are all aimed at improving a specific problem with Skyblock, and we hope you will enjoy these changes!


Skills provide an experience and leveling mechanic for different actions common to Skyblock. I like to think of it like McMMO, but not a decade old. Designed specifically for our Skyblock, you can earn experience and levels in Mining, Farming, and Combat.

Leveling up these skills provides great rewards: You can unlock access to higher selling drops from the actions of these skills, earn money, coins, crate keys, and much more!

An example of a slightly leveled Mining Skill. As you can see, I have level 2 currently, and I still need 500 more mining XP to get to the next level.
My combat skill. As you can see, I'm already level 8 out of 50! For level 9, I will unlock access using Creeper Spawners.

The following three skills are currently available:

Mining: This is earned by mining ores in the Mineshaft. Leveling up this skill grants you access to the higher-level mines. Please note that you will not receive any Mining Experience for mining with a generator on your island.

Farming: This is earned by breaking grown wheat, carrots, potatoes, and nether warts. Leveling up this skill grants you access to interact with higher-selling crops.

Combat: This is earned by killing mobs in the Mineshaft. Leveling up this skill grants you access to interact with higher-valued spawners. Please note that you will not receive any Combat Experience for killing mobs on your island.

This skills system provides a lot of unique mechanics. We hope you will be able to discover a lot of the nuance in this throughout the map.


As part of our focus on Player-versus-mob (PvE) combat, we are including not one, but six mob mine areas. This large network of caves provides tens of hours of combat gameplay by itself. Featuring regenerating ores (which yield Mining Experience) and dangerous monsters (which yield Combat Experience), this network of mines is incredibly thrilling. Make sure to bring your best weapons and armor: the later stages are tough even for the most experienced players.

The cave, located at /warp mineshaft, is where you will be able to access the first of the mob mines.
A snapshot of the first mining area: one of the easier fighters.

Battle Pass Revamp

The Battle Pass now features both free and paid rewards. Challenges should be a lot more enjoyable and will relate more to the ways you progress through the server. As a reminder, the Premium Battle Pass now costs just $5.99 and comes with all kinds of great rewards!

As you can see, you are given an additional $5,000,000 for having the Premium Battle Pass.

Additional Changes

  • Fixed the Experience Outpost still requiring the normal amount of XP to buy orbs instead of giving a discount.
  • Added Reward Summaries to prevent spam whilst grinding.
  • Fixed the Spawner Outpost not increasing mob spawn rates.
  • Fixed the Experience Enchant, Boosters, Outpost, and Pet not increasing EXP drops.
  • Fixed Heads not dropping.
  • Changed spawner activation range from 1 chunk to a 3x3 chunk radius.
  • Fly freely on any island with flight access or fly time earned from voting.
  • Implemented fly for everyone in the Spawn (not in Warzone).
  • Added the ability to mass open keys by pressing Q on the desired crate.
  • Fixed Endermans teleport away when they come in contact with water.
  • Revamped the Crate Pet's GUI
  • Fixed the Crate Pet not gain experience.
  • Fixed Pets leaving behind blocks in the Warzone.
  • Fixed bypassing the cooldown between pets when having 2 or more of the same pet.
  • Fixed the Experience Pet earning EXP when breaking blocks in protected areas.
  • Fixed Kills & Death being multiplied by 20 on the Scoreboard.
  • Reworked all Kits.
  • Added /reclaim for Donators.
  • Limited Time GKits are no longer permanent and have been removed.
  • Reworked Envoys.

Island Top Payouts

For this map, we are offering PayPal + Buycraft payouts to the top 5 island owners on /island top! Here is the breakdown:

🥇1st Place: $150 PayPal OR $200 Store Credit
🥈2nd Place: $75 PayPal OR $100 Store Credit
🥉3rd Place: $45 PayPal OR $70 Store Credit
🏅4th Place: $60 Store Credit
🏅5th Place: $30 Store Credit

Payouts are no longer weekly and will now be distributed at the end of the map. All Island Leaders will have a maximum of 48 HOURS to CREATE A TICKET to redeem their reward.

An overview of some existing features

I'd like to share a short overview of some of our best, most unique features for any of our new players:

Custom Enchants

Our custom enchants system is a concept where you purchase enchantment orbs by spending EXP. When opened by right-clicking, they reveal a randomized custom enchantment orb. Most of these enchantments apply to PvP, however, a few may be slightly useful for PvE. Here are some of the most interesting enchants:

  • Halloweenify (Weapon enchant): Replaces your opponent's helmet with a pumpkin for a short period of time.
  • Rewind (Boots enchant): Teleports you back in time when activated by sneaking (Cooldown: 30 seconds).
  • Snowify (Weapon enchant): Has a chance to spawn a snowstorm upon your opponent.
  • Turkey (Weapon enchant): Sneak + Right-Click to send a Turkey army towards your opponent (Cooldown: 30 seconds).
  • Coins (Weapon enchant): Each level adds another 2% chance of getting a coin.
  • And many more...

The goal of this enchants system is to provide unique abilities you can apply to your items. You can apply up to 9 enchants to a given item (excluding Vanilla enchants).


The tinkerer allows you to exchange your unwanted custom enchantment orbs for tiered tinker dust. Tinker dust has a chance to succeed or fail when applied and can be used to increase the success rate of enchantment orbs of the same tier.


We have various different kinds of scrolls which you can Drag n' Drop onto your gear, including some unique and never-before-seen scrolls!

  • White Scroll: Protects your items from being destroyed by custom enchants.
  • Black Scroll: Removes a random enchantment and gives you the orb
  • Transmog Scroll: Organizes all your enchants in order of their rarity.
  • Rename Scroll: Rename any item the way you want it.
  • BlockTrak Scroll: Track how many blocks you break with a tool.
  • StatTrak Scroll: Track how many kills you get with a weapon.


Pets are companions, which have experience and leveling mechanics and can be activated for special powers. Some pets can stay tucked away in your inventory, whilst others need to be summoned for help, by just right-clicking on them! When active, they provide boosts, powers, and much more.

Closing Thoughts

That's all for now, we're really excited about this upcoming map of Skyblock and hope you are too. Even if this new map seems like it doesn't have a bunch of new features, we are focusing our time and effort on the biggest changes we can make to improve the Skyblock experience.

We have a lot planned for the future of this network and can't wait to see you online on November 12th (next Saturday) at 3 PM EST (what time is it for me?).