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Skyblock Map #2 - Saturday, January 7th @ 3 PM EST!

Skyblock Map #2 - Saturday, January 7th @ 3 PM EST!

Hello, everyone! We are back with our second map of Skyblock! Since the release of Map #1, we have taken a step back to evaluate & reconsider our balancing & strategy. We've heard your complaints, concerns, and suggestions, and we have a series of balancing changes in mind to help make this map of Skyblock the best it can be.

This time, our primary focus is making a Skyblock server that feels right to play. The most important part of that is making sure that the economy feels right. We have completely redone all sell prices along with spawners and their upgrade costs. This should contribute to a fun, fast-paced feel which is still a grind.

Island Upgrades

Island upgrades allow you to maximize the amount of money you make and improve the performance and efficiency of your farms. The upgrades are purchased with Coins. You can access the upgrade options through /is upgrades. Alternatively, you can do /is and select the anvil that says 'Island Upgrades.'

The following island upgrade categories are currently available:

Spawner Stack: This upgrade will increase the spawner stack size exponentially which will enhance the spawner stack mobility.

Border Expansion: This upgrade will increase the size of your island to allow for more farms to be built and more money to be generated.

Crop Growth: This upgrade will decrease the time it takes for crops to grow which provides you with the ability to harvest more crops to increase profits.

Economy Overhaul

In the last map, although the economy had some new ideas, there were many quirks and issues with the way the economy was designed. In this map, we are addressing this head-on. Instead of having people obtaining billions of spawners and having more items than they can handle, we have scaled back prices and costs to make the late-game scale smaller while still preserving the great feeling of making progress.

These changes are all intended to make AFKing a less useful strategy. The islands which are able to compete and succeed will be those who put in the consistent time and effort to work hard, rather than those sitting around collecting gains from early efforts alone.

Additional Changes

  • [NEW] Spawn & PvP Arena: Christmas-themed Spawn & WarZone. (I know we're late..)
  • Changed Combat Skill from affecting interaction with specific mobs to affecting the ability to purchase upgrades.
  • Added the ability to buy in bulk in the /shop.
  • Reduced the amount of damage to armor by 20%.
  • Fixed /heal removing potion effects.
  • Added a confirmation when clearing your inventory.
  • Completely revamped and improved spawners and their upgrades.

Island Top Payouts

For this map, we are offering PayPal + Buycraft payouts to the top 5 island owners on /island top! Here is the breakdown:

🥇1st Place: $100 PayPal OR $150 Store Credit
🥈2nd Place: $50 PayPal OR $100 Store Credit
🥉3rd Place: $30 PayPal OR $50 Store Credit
🏅4th Place: $30 Store Credit
🏅5th Place: $10 Store Credit

Payouts are no longer weekly and will now be distributed at the end of the map. All Island Leaders will have a maximum of 48 HOURS to CREATE A TICKET to redeem their reward.

Closing Thoughts

That's all for now, we're really excited about this upcoming map of Skyblock and hope you are too. Even if this new map seems like it doesn't have a bunch of new features, we are focusing our time and effort on the biggest changes we can make to improve the Skyblock experience.

We have a lot planned for the future of this network and can't wait to see you online on January 7th (next Saturday) at 3 PM EST (what time is it for me?).